“Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends”

William Butler Yeats

We tell stories to enlighten future generations while honoring our ancestors. Please join us in this grand endeavor and indulge us to embolden you as donors to this dream. Let’s show the world that “no legacy is so rich as honesty..

We want to give special thanks to the following people…

Benjamin & Betina Van Cleave Foundation
Aine Mallaghan
Geno Cooney
Shoes O’Brien
Richard Haggerty
“Johnny Vegas” Sheahan
Dennis Kearns
Peter Nolan
Yvonne Fitzgibbon
Kathy Brown
Bill Flood
Ryan Fox
Paul Reynolds
John C. Griffin

Larry Casey
Bob Kellam Jr.
Mike Ryan
Patricia Bidwill
Mick Durkin
Tom Gibbs
Mike Madden
Dan Madden
Dave & Rhonda Pawelski
Jim Sweeney
Steven L. Baron
Bob Sheehy
Tom Cody
Jim Strong

John Doerrer
Drew McMahon
Alex Joyce
Frank Cento
George Cahill
Jim Crago
Sean Houlihan
Bill Gamboney
Skinny Sheahan
Rosalie Swanson
Chief Mike Miller
Alamo Duke Lynch
The Emerald Society of Illinois
Aine Mallaghan