Cover Story: South Side Parade

Skinny Sheahan promised the Sun-Times two years ago that the parade would return and it looks like he’s going to make that happen.

Almost a hundred supporters showed up at The Beverly Art Center last Monday night as Skinny and Bill Figel, of The Beverly Art Center, led the group through a brainstorming session dedicated to resurecting the parade with a zero tolerance policy on drinking in the streets.

Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Konkol of the Sun-Times was there to cover the story, A South Side Irish Parade revival?

Two days, later Skinny appeared on Fox News in the morning as well as WGN Radio to promote the idea of a return of the South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Stay tuned to The Skinny & Houli Show between now and March for all the details and the inside scoop on this historic event, which could prove to be bigger than the day Lazarus laughed!


South Side Irish Parade Organizers Hope for Comeback: