Legendary Chicago Comic Bill Brady joins

5th Annual Hibernian Hooligan Ball this Sunday with other surprise guests! The last time Bill Brady and Mike Houlihan shared a stage together was in the indie film TAPIOCA, starring Ben Vereen, Tim Kazurinsky, and a legion of Second City All-Stars. Brady played himself in the off-beat comedy and was throwing Houlihan off the stage […]

Hibernian Radio Debuts on WSBC 1240AM

By Izzy Cusack Local Irish American impresario Mike Houlihan has launched another radio show into the stratosphere of the Chicagoland Irish community and it promises to be a stalwart on the dial for years to come. Kicking off HIBERNIAN RADIO on Saturday January 5th Houlihan told his audience. “I’m excited about this new venture and […]

The Drum Corps International semifinals, with Danahey on the loose

If Aaron Rodgers ever picked out the halftime entertainment for a Packers game and based it on his mind-altering experience with Peruvian ayahuasca it might look like a Drum Corps International  (DCI) competition. What’s DCI, you say? Well, Louis Armstrong apparently said if you have to ask what jazz is, well, you’ll never know. Or […]

Yank Producer Runs Amok in Cannes!

Mike, I need a producer for my new movie would you be interested? We are shooting in Cannes May 15-20. Uh…wait…what? Do I want to shoot a film in Cannes on the Ides of May? What could go wrong? If interested let me know and we do a call urgent! The text messages above were […]

The Legend of an Irish Button Accordion Player

by James Cloonan When my father, Patrick Cloonan, read Josephine Colman’s article, in the Irish American News, about her father-in-law’s travels , it brought back many memories for 89 year old Patrick. Patrick, at only 16 years of age, left Lettermullan Connemara and headed over to England with his older brother Colman to fill the […]

Hibernian Radio Launches Police Pub Tour

Hibernian Media Chairman Mike Houlihan is launching a promotional tour of Chicagoland’s Irish Pubs as he continues to salute local Irish First Responders on his weekly show, Hibernian Radio Hour, which is broadcast every Saturday night from 7-8PM on WSBC 1240AM and podcast at hibernianradio.org “We started the show in 2019 to honor our Irish […]

Danahey on the Loose in Michigan, Episode 2

Inspired by all the Netflix I’ve been watching, I am writing about my trip to Michigan in episodes. This way, you can binge read them. In a way, it’s what most people do when they watch a Netflix anyway. They find online recaps to see if the show is worth plopping down on the couch […]

Danahey on the Loose at Christmas

Here’s my checklist of things I’ve been doing during the Christmas holly daze season, an aging fat guy’s attempts to get through a time of year when it gets dark before 4:30 p.m. First, I have a tradition of eating as many Thanksgiving dinners as I can get invited to attend. I frequently repeat this […]

Danahey on the loose on ice, Crystal and otherwise

So I went to see Cirque du Soleil Crystal, the latest creation from the Canadian company known for reinventing the circus in ways the Ringling Brothers could never imagine, in ways that led the way for a new age of arena spectacles and which has become an empire onto its own. Cirque’s 42nd original production […]

Danahey on the Loose in Milwaukee and Holy Sepulchre

Shay has been minded and safely returned. The Gobbins has finally opened. The ashes are in the trunk. The road ends. That’s the short version of how I spent the last weekend, the bittersweet one that holds the Milwaukee Irish Fest. Sure, the humidity Sunday made Milwaukee feel like Florida, but the Celtic gathering along […]

Danahey On The Loose at Scottish Festival & Highland Games

Here’s what happens when I head out for my yearly journey to the Brigadoon at Hamilton Lakes in Itasca that is the Scottish Festival & Highland Games: 1. I kilt up. For the benefit of all,  this involves talcum powder. That’s all you need to know. With the rainy morning weather, Tom, my best buddy […]


“Our Irish Cousins,” a documentary by Chicagoan Mike Houlihan, who visited his own, is rather liked by Sobczynski. dld.bz/cqWud — Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago) March 17, 2013  

Irish Film Premieres to Raves on Rogerebert.com

Mike Houlihan’s comic documentary, OUR IRISH COUSINS, set to premiere on Wednesday, March 13th in The 16th Annual European Union Film Festival at The Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, has lit up popular website rogerebert.com with a rave review for the indie feature. READ IT HERE! The Irish film is a paean to the […]

We Need an Irish Pope!

This morning’s announcement that Pope Benedict XVI will resign the papacy by the end of February has thrown the Irish American Catholic community into a whirlwind of conjecture regarding the identity of our next Pope. On the left, there are those calling for a young, “progressive” Pope; basically code for an abortion rights advocate who […]