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March Column from Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan It might be the greatest hoax in Chicago political history. Percolating in the brainpan of Skinny Sheahan ever since his beloved Southside Irish Parade was canceled by a wussy wing of the parade committee three years ago. Ruffians had “hi-jacked” the parade and instead of cracking down, the committee decided to […]

Return to Eire w/Houli & Friends

Return to Ireland with Houli & Friends! By Mike Houlihan I’ve been lucky enough to visit Ireland many times. I’ll be making my tenth trip later this month. I sure hope it’s not my last trip, but at my age you never know. I could have a grabber and drop-dead tomorrow! I hope Our Lord […]

Irish American News July 2016 Column

Hooligansim by Mike Houlihan   “When I go see a movie, I want to feel like I’m peeking through a keyhole…just gimme the truth as best you can.”   So says first generation Irish American filmmaker and writer Kevin Baggott. The disciple of the late novelist Nelson Algren, is an “enigmatic cat”, much like his […]

Legendary Chicago Comic Bill Brady joins

5th Annual Hibernian Hooligan Ball this Sunday with other surprise guests! The last time Bill Brady and Mike Houlihan shared a stage together was in the indie film TAPIOCA, starring Ben Vereen, Tim Kazurinsky, and a legion of Second City All-Stars. Brady played himself in the off-beat comedy and was throwing Houlihan off the stage […]

Hibernian Radio Debuts on WSBC 1240AM

By Izzy Cusack Local Irish American impresario Mike Houlihan has launched another radio show into the stratosphere of the Chicagoland Irish community and it promises to be a stalwart on the dial for years to come. Kicking off HIBERNIAN RADIO on Saturday January 5th Houlihan told his audience. “I’m excited about this new venture and […]

Chicago Scots Gus Noble and a summer of celebrations and sorrow

This summer has been a memorable one for Chicago Scots President and CEO, Gus Noble, filled with celebrations and sorrows. Just a few weeks before heading overseas to be among those honored as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE),  Noble’s father, Bob, 80, passed away June 11 back in […]

DOTL: Bloomsday at Chicago Scots Scottish Festival and Highland Games

  For Bloomsday, Best Fest Buddy Tom and I broke out the kilts last Friday to hit the Chicago Scots Scottish Festival and Highland Games in Itasca. Bloomsday is a very Irish lit kind of day. But marking the June 16 in 1904 that James Joyce set Ulysses at a Scottish fest, you say? It’s […]

2023 Chicago Scots Scottish Festival & Highland Games preview

  The 2023 Chicago Scots Scottish Festival & Highland Games is going to the dogs. It’s also moving out of Itasca after being held there a final time Friday, June 16 and Saturday, June 17. As for the canines, the nonprofit Chicago Scots held a preview event Saturday,  June 3 at Caledonia Senior Living & […]

Danahey on the Loose at Navy Pier and The State of Sound

  I had not been to Navy Pier in a long time. So an invite from journalist/writer/documentary maker Dave Hoekstra to a reception for the popup version of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum’s “The State of Sound: A World of Music from Illinois” exhibit there was enough to get me out of the […]

Danahey on the Loose in Carbondale

In early May, Best Fest Buddy Tom, his brother Mark and I hit the highway for a trip to Carbondale. We headed downstate to help one of Mark’s sons celebrate his 30th birthday.  Our drive from the Chicago suburbs was not long after a terrible multi-vehicle accident along I-55 near Springfield caused by a dust […]

Danahey on the Loose Way Past St. Patrick’s Day

The fireworks show out where I live that had been planned for the Saturday after St. Patrick’s Day never happened. Why they have fireworks then is a mystery to me. Perhaps St. Patrick shot them off to drive the snakes out of Ireland. Perhaps not. I do know that a well-off bar owner has been […]

Adieu, Mrs. Dees: Danahey on the Loose, in remembrance of a fine friend

The final memory I now have of Judy Dees is of stopping by her home on the eve of New Year’s Eve to drop off some thank you gifts from her little buddies, my buddy Tom’s three grandkids. See, Mrs. Dees (as they and I called her), had given them envelopes for Christmas. Mind you, […]