Danahey on the Loose: Booze and other last-minute gift ideas

Still Christmas shopping? Just buy booze. Otherwise, drink, then Uber over to Walmart. Or sit home in your underwear and make Jeff Bezos even richer as you order from Amazon and hope stuff arrives before Dec. 25. Whatever works. With so many choices these days, buying booze is as frustrating as trying to find something […]

Danahey on the Loose with Santa

This Christmas season Best Fest Buddy Tom has fully embraced the role it seems he was born to play – Santa Claus. Sure, crazy ass actors like Christian Bale dramatically lose and gain weight over short periods of time to become characters. Tom, the more intense method actor, spent a good portion of his adult […]

Santa, Irish Breakfast at Rosie’s, East Dundee Sat. Dec. 14

The owners and staff of Rosie O’Hare’s Public House in East Dundee are giving back to the community this Christmas season with an Irish twist. This Saturday, Dec. 14, Santa Claus will be free to see, while Irish breakfast and a limited kids menu will be available for sale. No purchase is necessary to see Santa. […]

Danahey on the Loose at a Bret Michaels Christmas Party!

Last Friday I was kidnapped by my buddy Diane – at least until she found out all she could get for me were some Kohl’s coupons and a half a pack of gum. Either way, she convinced me to go with her and other buddy Jen to a concert at the Arcada Theatre in St. […]

Danahey on the Loose at Chicago TARDIS

Attending Chicago TARDIS with Best Fest Buddy Tom has become a Thanksgiving time tradition. This year’s convention turned out to tie things together nicely, if not in a big red bow, as material for this blog post, if not for some seasonal rumination. Sure, there was all that turkey to eat, including the delicious rotisserie […]

Danahey on the Loose in Michigan, Episode 3

So at the pool, along with finding out we’re Michigan-orexic, we learn the hotel is full because lots of people hit the Birch Run Prime Outlet Mall for weekend fun. It would be even more busy the following weekend when deer hunting season in Michigan started. Doh! Time to doze, we headed back to our […]

Danahey on the Loose in Michigan, Episode 4

Our fourth and final episode in this season’s trip to Michigan began with a visit to the family farmland in Birch Run. When they were kids, Mark, Tom and one of their other brothers frequently spent part of their summers with Grandma and Grandpa Owens and Uncle Pat on land that’s been in the family […]

Danahey on the Loose in Michigan, Episode 2

Inspired by all the Netflix I’ve been watching, I am writing about my trip to Michigan in episodes. This way, you can binge read them. In a way, it’s what most people do when they watch a Netflix anyway. They find online recaps to see if the show is worth plopping down on the couch […]

Danahey on the Loose in Michigan, Episode 1

Best Fest Buddy Tom, his brother Mark, their dad and I loaded up the SUV last weekend to take a trip to Michigan. The ostensible reason was to attend a family wedding. But, as with many of our journeys, the trip also involved our appetites, served this time with a pinch of nostalgia and a […]

Hibernian Hooligan Ball bursting with talent!

2nd Annual Hibernian Hooligan Ball Presents Music, Comedy, & Culture By Izzy Cusack McGaffer’s Saloon in Forest Park is hosting the Annual Fundraiser for Hibernian Transmedia, “The Hibernian Hooligan Ball” on Sunday, December 15th from 3-7PM. Headlining the party this year are some of Chicago’s most beloved Irish bands, including the legendary Celtic Rockers, The […]

Danahey on the Loose at Northern Illinois Food Bank

For a guy like me, a recent visit to Northern Illinois Food Bank’s base of operations in Geneva was a humbling and inspiring experience. See, I’ve been lucky enough to attend as many as six Thanksgiving dinners in any one year. Watching my weight (sort of) I’ll probably cut back to two or three this […]

Danahey on the Loose at a Wedding

Best Fest Buddy Tom, his dad and I trekked to Tom’s nephew’s wedding last Sunday in Michigan City, Indiana. We all have had magnetic invitations marking the date and the event’s website stuck to our respective refrigerators since early this year to remind us.  With the unofficial rule being you can give a gift six […]

Danahey on the Loose, Being a Gourmand

Yeah, I’m a gourmand, and most of what that implies. It started when I was a toddler. My grandfather and I would sit in the back of his mom-and-pop grocery store on the South Side of Chicago and eat smoked fish slathered in sour cream and served on top of a sweet roll. My gourmand […]

Danahey on the Loose: Babysitting

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned while helping Best Fest Buddy Tom with babysitting his three grandchildren, it’s this: Don’t cry over spilt anything. That’s what the dog is for. A recent Saturday included a dumped bag of nachos. It has also included soiled diapers not properly secured as hazardous material. Dogs eat anything. Tom’s […]

Danahey on the Loose: Enjoying the next-to-last weekend of summer

There won’t be a sunset past 7 p.m. in these parts again until St. Patrick’s Day 2020. Maybe that’s why so many places hold festivals the next-to-last official weekend of summer. Nobody exactly rages against the dying of the light, but plenty of folks enjoy drinking something not pumpkin spiced out of a plastic cup, […]

Danahey On the Loose at the Chicago Beer Society Picnic

The summer fest season winds down the next couple weekends, and last Saturday Best Fest Buddy Tom and I made our annual trek to one of our favorites – the Umpteenth Annual Chicago Beer Society Picnic. We wore our black Utilikilts, because what else would you wear to an event held in a forest preserve? […]

Danahey on the Loose, Reading About Celtic Women

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but Jacqueline Widmar Stewart has found being inquisitive – and writing about her explorations – is a fine way to spend her Modern Maturity years. I first interviewed Stewart 13 years ago about her book, The Glacier’s Treasure Trove: A Field Guide to the Lake Michigan Riviera. While her […]

Irish American News Letter to The Editor July 2019.

Dear Editor: Have to tell you how shocked I was to see your “We Get Letters” section on page 3 of the recent June issue of the Irish American News. The writer, Judy Deever, applauded the IAN and the Irish American Hall of Fame committee for their fairness and good sense, but then went out […]

Tony Golden:Good Company

What was the name of the Green Bay Packer running back that Chicago Bear George Connor creamed in Wrigley Field on a cold and grey Sunday in November of 1955?  Connor broke up the Packers flying wedge on a kickoff return and knocked that Packer into next week. They called it the “hit heard round […]

Tony Golden:Good Company

What was the name of the Green Bay Packer running back that Chicago Bear George Connor creamed in Wrigley Field on a cold and grey Sunday in November of 1955?  Connor broke up the Packers flying wedge on a kickoff return and knocked that Packer into next week. They called it the “hit heard round […]

Danahey on the Loose: Tips for watching final Game of Thrones season

Sunday night, I might be drinking wine from a goblet, sitting in a hot tub and watching Game of Thrones HBO. Or not. Yeah, it’s finally time for the final season of the much-lauded, way-much-talked about series that’s become a pop culture phenomenon the world over. Of course, Game of Thrones (GOT), pretty much sets […]

OUR IRISH PUB is so much more than booze.

Let’s say you quit drinking. It just wasn’t any good or fun for you anymore. Was it ever? But you had to stop. And celebrating St. Patrick’s Day gave you the heebie jeebies. You just couldn’t take it anymore. The crowds of micks marching. The inbred Irish chicks in their white sweaters and toothy grins […]

The Irish House Party heats up Raue Center in Crystal Lake March 1

If you head out to hear The Irish House Party Friday, March 1 at Raue Center for the Arts in Crystal Lake, musician Declan Quinn promises one thing. “Once you are inside the theater you will experience the real warmth and fun of a traditional Irish house party. It’s the perfect antidote, I’d say, to […]

Slainte! YIFC Craic and Culture Crawl Saturday, Feb. 23 at IAHC

If you’re looking for a way to beat the late winter blues while getting in the mood for St. Patrick’s Month, the Irish American Heritage Center is the place to be Saturday, Feb. 23. That’s when and where the Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago is hosting its third annual Craic and Culture Crawl. You […]

Hibernian Transmedia Brings New Irish TV Show to Chicago Public Television

Chicago Public Television, WTTW Channel 11, will broadcast OUR IRISH PUB on Sunday March 31, 2019 at 11PM in Chicagoland. OUR IRISH PUB is a television program created, produced, and developed by Hibernian Transmedia starring international Irish fiddler Katie Grennan, as she invites the audience to join her for a visit to three of her […]

Hibernian Radio Debuts on WSBC 1240AM in Chicago

Hibernian Radio Debuts on WSBC 1240AM By Izzy Cusack Local Irish American impresario Mike Houlihan has launched another radio show into the stratosphere of the Chicagoland Irish community and it promises to be a stalwart on the dial for years to come. Kicking off HIBERNIAN RADIO on Saturday January 5th Houlihan told his audience. “I’m […]

DOTL: Mo’ pics from trip to St. Louis, New Orleans and Nashville

If you were left wanting more of our virtual slide show – and who wouldn’t be after the cliffhanger ending of Part One at The Court of Two Sisters – here goes:   Tom found these mirrored sunglasses at the French Market. He could be in yet another version of CSI in them, a furrier, […]