Paddy Homan brings Christmas Home

If your idea of Christmas is squeezing through a packed pub while the jukebox blares, “Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer!”, then I have a delightful surprise for you. It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a time and place for getting sloshed in a dive bar, but sorry my friend, Christmas is […]

The Craic Radio Show Abides at Chief O’Neill’s Irish Pub

It was a little over three years ago that then Irish American Heritage Center President Geno Cooney spotted radio personality and controversial Irish American News columnist Mike Houlihan in a crowded Heritage Center hallway and introduced himself. Houlihan says, “It was a moment of pure serendipity. I’ve been known to ruffle some feathers of certain […]

Movie Hooley kicks off with COVADONGA Friday night.

Thirteen hundred years ago, way back in 718, an overwhelming army of blood thirsty Muslims ascended a mountain in Spain to kill and cannibalize the remaining Christians hiding on the Iberian Peninsula. But the Christians, led by a man named Pelayo, implored and prayed to the Blessed Mother, to come down and intercede for them. […]

Dude Wipes founder spills his guts on The Skinny & Houli Show!

For centuries Irishmen have searched for the antidote to the Guinness scutter. The “scutter” is that old irregular gurgling that usually signals a prelude to explosions in your gut. The Irish call it “the Guinness scutter”. It means spending lots of quality time on the toilet the morning after a night of drinking and partying. […]

DOTL: Things to do at an Irish fest or any other summer bash

I went to the Irish Fest at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago last weekend, and all I brought home was this lousy blog post. Actually, consider this an Instagram-style guide for what to do or look for at just about any Irish fest or outdoor gathering you might attend this or any other […]

DOTL: Rolling along in a golf cart at the Scottish Festival and Highland Games

Danahey on the Loose, rolling along in a golf cart at the Chicago Scots Scottish Festival and Highland Games With all the worrisome things going on in the world it’s easy to get into a funk. Father’s Day weekend, I lucked into a fine antidote for that. Having attended many a Chicago Scots Scottish Festival […]

Hibernian Transmedia to Record Revolutionary Radio Broadcast

Chicago, IL. On Tuesday July 3, 2018 at 8PM, Hibernian Transmedia, a local public charity dedicated to Irish and Irish American culture, will pre-record all three of their weekly radio programs in a one-hour extravaganza, set to broadcast on Saturday July 7, 2018. The very popular “Skinny & Houli Show Irish Hour”, which will begin […]

No Elephants in Our Irish Pub

Paddy my bartender used to love telling the story of the guy who came to his saloon every night and cried in his beers about how much he hated his job. Finally Paddy asked him, “Well what kind of work are you in pal?” Your man explained that he’d been working in the circus for […]

My Dinnner with an Irish Movie Star

One of my great ambitions in life was to be an Irish movie star. I kind of imagined I’d be this Peter O’Toole type character from MY FAVORITE YEAR, when O’Toole created the great character of Alan Swan doing live TV on the Sid Caesar show. He was charming, the ladies loved him, he told […]

Rahm in Ireland, YIKES!

A friend of mine in Galway sent me a link to an article in his local paper the other day. The story was about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel visiting Ireland next week, and in particular Galway and how he was leading a group of 30 dignitaries with him. I almost puked at the thought of […]

Slane Irish Whiskey to Sponsor 4th Annual Irish American Movie Hooley

SLANE IRISH WHISKEY TO SPONSOR AND PRESENT THE 4TH ANNUAL IRISH AMERICAN MOVIE HOOLEY     When a party gets rowdy, the Irish call it a “hooley.” Mike Houlihan, Irish American Radio personality and Chairman of Hibernian Transmedia NFP, announced today that SLANE IRISH WHISKEY will be sponsoring this year’s 4th Annual Irish American Movie […]

A Visit with Bigger Bolder Baking’s Gemma Stafford

Wexford, Ireland native Gemma Stafford has figured a way to use YouTube as a tool where she isn’t being an idiot out for garnering quick hits on her videos, but offering nice, helpful hints for making delicious desserts and other tasty treats. Four years ago, Stafford and her husband, Californian Kevin Kurtz launched their own […]

President Trump Please Endorse Ives!

We need a Púca for Paddy’s Day here in Illinois. Call your local leprechaun to reach out to President Trump to come to Illinois this St. Patrick’s Day season to endorse State Representative Jeanne Ives for Governor. The Prez might not look fondly on our blue state but we need him right now. Our incumbent […]

Don’t Get Raunered!

Sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of a firestorm and wonder which way to turn. I’m excited about the candidacy of Jeanne Ives for Governor in the upcoming Republican primary on March 20th. She’s the only pro-life candidate in the race and is bringing a breath of honesty and grace to the millionaire pinball […]

Rauner Grandstands at Cop’s Funeral

For all the judges, media fakers, and politicians who have been trashing the cops and releasing scum bags and murderers on bond for the last couple years, hope you bastards are happy now. Somebody told me Governor Rauner spoke yesterday at the funeral of murdered 18th District Police Commander Paul Bauer. Of course Rahm Emanuel […]

Jeanne Ives wins over Irish community

Chicagoland Irish Community Mobilizing around Jeanne Ives in Republican Primary A groundswell of support for State Representative Jeanne Ives in the upcoming Republican Primary for Governor on March 20th is coalescing in the Irish community. Irish American radio personality Mike Houlihan is spearheading a fundraiser, IRISH FOR IVES, on Monday March 5th at Reilly’s Daughter […]

Danahey on the Loose through the New Year

Happy Eastern Orthodox Christmas everybody! Happy New Year, too. To mark those occasions, best fest buddy Tom said he was going to be shaving off his beard on on before the Jan. 7 holiday. But no. The beard has been keeping him warm during the tundra time between regular old Christmas and the Orthodox one. […]