December 2012 Irish American News Column

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan Sol Hepatica opened the bottom drawer of his desk, pulled out a bottle of Bushmills and poured himself four fingers of fortitude. He was about to lay off fifteen hundred employees at his magazine, “Ingrown Toenail Monthly”. He knew the business was tanking back in August, but kept it alive in […]

November Hooliganism Column from The Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan I’ve met a lot of tough guys over the course of my journey through this world. Some of them were big, some fast, and some diminutive but determined bruisers who could have you on the ground crying for your mammy before you blinked. The toughest of them all are blessed with […]

Paul Ryan the Real Deal in Irish Ancestry Campaign

Paul Ryan the Real Deal in Irish Ancestry Campaign. By Mike Houlihan Special to The Irish American News Most Irish Americans are skeptical of President Obama’s supposed discovery of his Irish roots. That pint of Guinness he was seen hoisting in Ireland last year was no doubt his first. The real reason he made the […]

October 2012 Hooliganism

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan Hugh Hoyle returned to his car after leaving the Old St. Pat’s party. He’d had several beers and was worried his wife, Caitlin Corrigan Hoyle, would be bitching about his behavior. She was having a party for her friends from Planned Parenthood that night and told Hugh to be home by […]

September 2012 Column From Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan “Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once.” Okay Shakespeare, call me a coward because I have died many times…on stage, screen, radio, and once while actually laying in a coffin. I’d forgotten about that last one until telling the story while attending one […]

August Column From The Irish AMerican News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan The “Man from Clare” was my muse. I wanted the narrator of my new film, “Our Irish Cousins”, to have a brogue and intended to recruit Michael Quinlan from Limerick. Michael had been our guide in Ireland. But when it came time to produce our trailer for the film I couldn’t […]

July Column from Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan I’ve been referred to as “The Baron of Berwyn” over the last couple of years and it’s caused some to wonder how I came to be so titled. I guess it goes back to my days as a Shakespearian actor in the mid-seventies. Shakespeare’s garden was just adjacent to the theatre […]

June Column from Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan We found a big box of old snapshots at our house the other day and my grand daughter Charlotte insisted I sit on the bed with her as she went through them. It was fun showing the two-year-old photos of her daddy and uncle when they were babies. We came to […]

May Column from The Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan I’ve had three brief encounters with Paul Konerko’s wife. Like the classic love story, it’s a bittersweet tale. We bumped into each other again in front of the elevators outside the Skybox Suites at Sox Park on Opening Day. She pretended she didn’t know me. I went along with the ruse […]

Sneak Previews of Mike Houlihan’s comic documentary “Our Irish Cousins”

Save the date! Mike Houlihan’s long awaited film, “Our Irish Cousins” will have a sneak preview on Thursday May 10th at the Beverly Art Center at 7:30PM, Friday May 11th at The Irish American Heritage Center at 8:00PM, and Saturday night May 12th at Gaelic Park at 8:00PM. Mike will be on hand to discuss […]

April Column from Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan I actually thought I was going to die, on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day. It was like getting called back into the huddle, you’ve broken a couple ribs, your left ankle is shot, two teeth gone, and you don’t think you’ll ever father another child, but the coach turns to […]

March Column From The Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan It might be the greatest hoax in Chicago political history. Percolating in the brainpan of Skinny Sheahan ever since his beloved Southside Irish Parade was canceled by a wussy wing of the parade committee three years ago. Ruffians had “hi-jacked” the parade and instead of cracking down, the committee decided to […]

February 2012 Column from Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan Wild Bill Kelly is at it again! Kelly is the thorn in the side of liberal media dweebs. Maybe you saw his confrontation with candidate Rahm Emmanuel last year. Kelly and his camera crew caught up with Rahm on the mayoral campaign trail and Wild Bill asked him a question. KELLY: […]

A Hooley with Houli at Peggy Kinnane’s in Arlington Heights

On Wednesday January 25, 2012, Irish American News columnist Mike Houlihan will hold court at Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Restaurant & Pub, to tell some stories, sign, and sell his book “Hooliganism”. The fun begins at 7PM and Houlihan will tell some preposterous stories from his celebrated book and hold court at this legendary Irish pub […]

January Hooliganism Column from The Irish American News

Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan I received some hate mail a few weeks ago in response to last month’s column. It was sent from a fella going by the name of “Tom”. He started his fan letter by stating, “After reading your incredibly bizarre piece in the IAN newspaper I have to wonder if you’ve truly […]