December Column from Irish American News

Here’s my December column. Please send all hate mail to 1-800-FECK-OFF! Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan Malachy Swift was not a bit modest about being a dog lover. He loved his Irish Setter Finoola. Malachy was so in love with Finoola that he wanted to marry her. After all, Malachy and Finoola had been cohabitating for […]

November Column from Irish American News

Here’s my November column from IAN. Hope to see you all at O’Donovan’s on Wed. night. See below for details. Merry Christmas Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan Can God be tricked? Of course not you say, God is the epitome of wisdom and would never fall for anything, especially any goofy scheme dreamed up by the […]

October Column from Irish American News

Still waiting for IAN to post some old columns. Here they are for your enjoyment. Hope to see you all at O’Donovan’s on Wed. night, see below for details. Merry Christmas! Hooliganism By Mike Houlihan A good story never really ends. Maybe you’ve heard a few from me before, but like the story of our […]

Hooliganism at O’Donovan’s

On Wednesday December 21st, Irish American News columnist Mike Houlihan will hold court at O’Donovan’s Bar on West Irving Park Road to tell some stories, sign, and sell his book “Hooliganism”. The fun begins at 6PM and Houlihan will tell some Christmas stories from his book as well. Mike Houlihan is a former features columnist […]

Hooliganism in Riverside this Saturday Night!

I’ll be doing some shtick to promote and SELL my book “Hooliganism” on Saturday night at Mollie’s Public House in Riverside. Mollie’s is owned by my friend Brian Carroll and is a very very cozy ‘lil Irish pub. You will have fun, laughs, drinks, and an absolutely fabulous time. If not, there is something wrong […]

Houli’s Homily

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.” That pretty much sums up what I’m going to aspire to with this blog. I know I won’t always hit that mark and I know I’ll sometimes vent, and […]