Fallout from Bloody Sunday in Chicago

Lots of fallout from the massive shooting sprees over the weekend on the South and West sides of this once great city. A paramedic pal of mine told a harrowing story of covering a shooting, when an angry mob shows up and attacks him and the only two cops who showed up. He’d been told […]

NOTS Blog 2019 Chicago Mayoral Campaign

Bloody Sunday in Chicago today, over 30 shootings, 4 murdered. Where is the Mayor? Out to lunch with his elite pals, hiding from the shit storm that is scheduled for September. Bridget Gainer has choked and decided not to enter the race, as of last week. Can’t say as I blame her. Who needs Rahm […]

NOTS Blog 2019 Chicago Mayoral Campaign

    Nothing to see here folks, just another weekend in Chicago. Special thanks to Mayor Rahm Emanuel for overseeing the complete destruction of our society on a continual basis. It’s just going to get worse as the temperatures rise.   http://abc7chicago.com/6-killed-32-wounded-in-chicago-weekend-violence/3501600/  

NOTS Blog 2019 Chicago Mayoral Election

Right now there are nine players in the mayoral race. And they all want to pitch. Lori Lightfoot entered the race officially last week. She’s a former federal prosecutor and Daley pal and then Rahm pal, who first came on the scene supposedly in 1989 when she blocked Baker and McKenzie law firm from recruiting […]

NOTS Blog/2019 Chicago Mayoral Campaign

Yeah, NOTS, as in Nothin’s On The Square. Also as in the “Have Nots”, as in we have no safety in the city of Chicago. We have no say in the government. We have nobody to turn to when we realize most of the schools are shit, people are taxed up to their eyeballs, and […]