Podcast: February 23, 2013

International Irish tenor Paddy Homan drops by the Skinny & Houli Show to talk about comedian Ardal O’Hanlon upcoming gig at the Irish American Heritage Center next Thursday night. O’Hanlon was a co-star of the popular RTE Irish comedy, “Father Ted”. Paddy confides to us that when he was at Maynooth, the seminarians would all gather and watch the show together, “It was like a ‘Father Ted’ within a ‘Father Ted’”!  Then Paddy favors us with a delightful song from his upcoming CD, “Hard Way Home” set to launch in April. Skinny calls in from Florida to hear the Tiger Woods/Steve Wonder golf joke, and then Mike Morley drops by to tell wild tales of his many years producing Irish Journal TV and thanks The Flood Bros. for their sponsorship. We welcome “Women of Ireland” at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet on March 7th, and Hawthorne Racecourse as new sponsors. Very Irish show this week, you will love it.