3rd Annual Hibernian Hooligan Ball at Cork & Kerry Irish Pub

Hibernian Media will host their annual Hibernian Hooligan Ball on Sunday Dec. 27th, from 3-7PM at Cork & Kerry Irish Pub, 10614 South Western in Chicago.

This year’s shindig features a variety of terrific Irish talent, including The Larkin & Moran Bros, Liam Durkin, Jimmy Cloonan & Friends, Irish fiddler Lexia Kennedy, Irish dancer Tadgh Spillane and friends, as well as several surprise guests. In addition to the music; films and TV shows created by Hibernian Media will be playing, and Paddy’s Irish Whiskey will be raffled off throughout the afternoon.

The Larkin & Moran Brothers return for the Hibernian Hooligan Ball.

Hibernian Media was founded in October of 2013 and is dedicated to preserving and promoting Irish and Irish American culture. They produce a pair of weekly Irish radio programs, annual Irish American Movie Hooley film festival, annual trip to Ireland, and a variety of media projects throughout the year. Suggested donation is $100, but “we’ll take whatever we can get”.

Hibernian Media is a not for profit public charity and all donations are tax deductible. Proceeds will be used to finance more “stories to enlighten future generations while honoring our ancestors.”

Hope to see you all there. More info at hibernianmedia.org